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Posts Tagged ‘ holidays ’

Selling Yourself Short

January 12, 2012
Selling Yourself Short

What is wrong with the following statement? FIRE!!!! Ready…aim. It seems silly, counter intuitive and even dangerous to get such important steps this badly out of order. You would not do it with a rifle, why would you do it with your business? Sometimes we are faced with making decisions quickly in business, sometimes...
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Give Yourself the Gift of Self Care this Holiday Season

December 19, 2011
Give Yourself the Gift of Self Care this Holiday Season

With the holiday season now in full swing, you are probably putting in the extra effort – staying up late writing e-newsletters, upping your marketing and advertising, taking last minute appointments for clients,  visiting relatives, and booking your schedule solid because your own holiday bills are mounting. During this time, it’s very tempting to...
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Stop the Train

December 5, 2011
Stop the Train

Wasn’t it just Labor Day?  If you are like me, you hate when holiday decorations appear before Thanksgiving.   Holiday décor belongs in December when the holidays occur.  But that isn’t realistic, especially when it comes to marketing.  I am guilty of pre-mature advertising as well.  In fact, I might have been one of the earliest...
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Planting Seeds for the Holidays

November 7, 2011
Planting Seeds for the Holidays

Don’t hate me for writing this but the holidays are upon us.  I feel like a department store, displaying the wrapping paper and ornaments and playing holiday music one week after Halloween.  But the fact is, it’ll be here very soon and now is the time to plant seeds for the holidays. Massage makes the best holiday gift….period.  Everyone loves it and everyone...
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The Holidays Are Over…Now What?

December 27, 2010
The Holidays Are Over…Now What?

If you are like most massage therapists,  you’ve been scrambling to fit clients into a busy holiday schedule, coordinating gift certificate sales and working extra hours to be able to take a few days off.  It is a jam packed time of year for all.  The holidays are over, with the exception of New...
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Give Yourself A Raise This Holiday Season

image cartoon money bag

As a therapist in private practice you might have a Love -- Hate view of the Holidays.
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