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Here’s the Plan

On any given day on my FB page, there will be massage therapists who are excitedly reporting an increase in their practice, talking about the big day or big week they just had, or some other joyful news related to…

Meet Me in the Field

I also suggest, for the millionth time, that when you as an individual massage therapist, has a beef with one of our organizations, or your state or local legislators, that you don’t just complain about it on Facebook. I see a lot of that; people complaining about the organizations, but you can talk about it all day and that doesn’t do much good. Call them and complain, send them an e-mail, or write them a letter. You can always drop your membership, or certification, fail to renew your license or whatever it is, because of course money talks and they’ll notice the drop in revenue. However, if you don’t let them know what it is they’ve done that you disagree with, they’re still in the dark about what their constituents want and how they feel.

I’ll meet you in the field,