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Selling Yourself Short

What is wrong with the following statement? FIRE!!!! Ready…aim. It seems silly, counter intuitive and even dangerous to get such important steps this badly out of order. You would not do it with a rifle, why would you do it…

It Was a Very Good Year

As I look back over 2011, it was a very good year. For the 8th year in a row, since I first opened my business, I am going to finish the year with a growth in sales and in my…

The Leaders of the Massage Therapy Profession

Last week, the leaders of all the major organizations representing the massage therapy profession came together in St. Louis for a Massage Therapy Leadership Summit. The executive directors, CEOs, and board chairs of the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education (AFMTE),…

Do You Believe in Magic?

As much as I would like to change the world for the better, I have to do my part one step at a time. If I look at the entire need in its bulk sum, it can be overwhelming. But if I can break this down into things which I can control, then MASTER THEM, I find I am in a far greater and much stronger place to impact my world for the better.


I have a fair amount of followers on Twitter and a lot of FB friends, many of whom I’ve never met in person. Most are massage therapists who read my blog or have read my books, attended a class or listened to a webinar. I get little glimpses into their lives on Facebook…..READ MORE

Student Days Across The US and Canada

Students are the future of our profession. Within them hold the promise of greater research, greater achievement, and greater healing than ever before. Please share events like these with them, and ignite within them the additional spark to become more involved within the massage community, and encourage that hunger for success.

Embracing our Compassion

In addition to all thinks biz, practice building and social media marketing, I really appreciate the fact that part of my personal branding online is being able to talk and write about the yearning in my soul for forward movement-advancement…