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Posts Tagged ‘ drive ’

In your zone…or pushing out of it?

February 16, 2011
In your zone…or pushing out of it?

There is an awesome quote that I found by a relatively unknown author named Noela Evans ,“Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth. Tame the dragon and the gift is yours.” Resonate or recoil? This is a topic I think about quite often as I work with folks who are uncomfortable...
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Your Inner Punk Rocker

July 8, 2010

I seem to be enmeshed in musical metaphors lately. In Jerry Kennedy’s blog titled, “Why Being a Non-Conformist Is Great for Your Business,” he talks about non-conformity and the importance of being true to yourself. So many of us play it safe, particularly in the name of credibility and acceptance. Kennedy shares how he’s...
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Student Days Across The US and Canada

April 27, 2010
Student Days Across The US and Canada

Students are the future of our profession. Within them hold the promise of greater research, greater achievement, and greater healing than ever before. Please share events like these with them, and ignite within them the additional spark to become more involved within the massage community, and encourage that hunger for success.
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No more Band-Aids

December 29, 2009
No more Band-Aids

There was an  interesting article in today’s USA Today-(or as Stephen Colbert would say, The USA Today) entitled, Self help books offer tools, not cheerleading. In it, Deidre Donahue outlines the book publishers bonanza in self help book sales as the new year approaches.  She critiques a book by Daniel Pink, Drive, that offers...
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