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“Black Friday”… “Small Business Saturday”, Again?


Yes, holidays are here (again) and “Black Friday” and “Small Business Saturday” are upon us. I wrote about this last year, and for those of you who weren’t following me back then, I want to bring it to your awareness again. “Black Friday” is a term we use in business to refer to one...
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Is Health a De-Valued Commodity?

November 11, 2011
Is Health a De-Valued Commodity?

I ask you this because I have truly been taking stock of things in my life and the way I manage myself and my health. Upon further consideration, I began to realize that I am not alone in slighting my own needs, and that most Americans value their health by one simple litmus strip;...
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SBA Update

October 16, 2011
SBA Update

      The SBA has totally revamped its website. It is much more friendly and easy to navigate! The major tabs are: Starting & Managing a Business; Loans & Grants; Contracting; Counseling & Training; SBA Direct; For Lenders In addition to general resources, you can enter your zip code, check off what you...
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Keeping It Fresh

September 26, 2011
Keeping It Fresh

I learned something new this weekend.  That in and of itself isn’t extraordinary; I learn new things all the time. However, I learned something new in a sport that I have been actively participating in for over five years.  Some would still call me a newbie but with over 50 races under my belt,...
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Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Donor Creativity in the Face of Economic Challenges

September 5, 2011

“What are you doing to publicize your work, and what are you doing to support the Foundation?” – Michael Holloway, Take My Registration
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“Brand” Marketing vs “Direct Response” Marketing. Which Is BEST For Your Massage Practice?


I was like many of you are now. Are you stuck trying to figure out where to spend your marketing and advertising dollars? Before I spent the last decade or so years studying marketing, as a new business, I knew it was necessary to advertize, and I knew I had to spend money to...
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Training Your Clients

August 15, 2011
Training Your Clients

I feel like I might have written about this before but it is so important to me; I will risk repeating myself.  Make no mistake about it. Your clients are trainable.  I am not talking about the kind of training you see in the photo.  That is meant as a joke, really.  But in...
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FREE Resource To Grow Your Practice

FREE Resource To Grow Your Practice

  You and your regular clients already know how valuable your massage services are to their health and well-being. But, for potential clients or those who only see you once in a blue moon — it’s always good to get endorsements through research and other entities such as the media (called third party endorsements)...
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July 31, 2011

Anytime I reach a milestone, whether it’s one of those birthdays that ends in zero or some other momentous occasion, it causes me to stop and reflect on the things I’ve done. I see what worked and what didn’t….what I coulda, shoulda, woulda done given another chance. And I pat myself on the back...
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Paperwork…A Must

July 18, 2011

Yesterday’s bi-monthly massage was my usual disappointment.  Every two weeks I receive a massage.  One of those sessions, in other words once a month, is with my regular therapist.  A “sure thing”, I am guaranteed quality service, professional care and a thorough massage tailored to my needs. The other monthly session is with a brand...
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