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ELAP: Now that I’ve read the whole thing…

February 16, 2014

I spent most of my spare time during the past week reading the Final Report and the Entry-Level Education Blueprint of the ELAP. Again, I will offer my appreciation for the collaboration of the Coalition and the team that actually performed the work on this. It was a big project and obviously, people took...
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Are You An Order Taker?

Are You An Order Taker?

Want More Clients? More Appointments? More Money and all the rest that goes along with a successful practice? Then, I encourage you to become familiar with a concept I feel is so important that I teach it in ALL my business and clinical seminars and programs. The concept is called “The Advisor vs The...
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The Gift of Human Touch

October 24, 2013
The Gift of Human Touch

Meet Cleo, Cleo is a rescue just like the other two “Fur-Children” we have in our home.  Cleo was dumped somewhere in our neighborhood and found our house nearly starved to death and wounded.   We took her to the vet, cared for her and healed her and the vet thought she was somewhere between...
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An Interview with Steve Kirin, New CEO of the NCBTMB

July 28, 2013

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Steve Kirin, the new CEO of the NCBTMB. This is the interview I did with him.  1. You were just appointed CEO in May, but you’ve been on board for a year and a half. What do you see as the major challenges facing the NCBTMB...
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ELAP First Draft and Call for Comments Released

June 15, 2013

The first draft of the ELAP (Entry-Level Analysis Project) has finally been released. It’s been more than a year since I first blogged about it.   This research project proposal was introduced by ABMP and has come full circle from the first statements put out about it, which put me out quite a bit....
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My Thoughts on the Election 2012

October 28, 2012

I’m taking a break from talking about massage this week. I’ve always hated election time. All the constant television ads, telemarketing phone calls from political action committees, and all the rest of it. And now that we have social media to vent our opinions on, it just seems to be magnified a thousandfold. I...
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It’s All About Me

August 5, 2012

It’s all about me, so here’s my wishlist for the profession. It’s difficult to place these in order of importance, because some of them depend on each other, and in my little corner of massage, they’re all important. It’s election time–aren’t we all just about sick of hearing about it–candidates mudslinging and making campaign...
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The Snake Oil Medicine Show

July 21, 2012

There’s nothing earth-shaking in the world of massage politics on my radar this week, so I’m just going to make a few observations. I know that I am about to step on more than a few toes here, but it must be said. I’ve got a few thousand massage therapists in my social networks...
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The Elap Flap Continues

June 2, 2012

Earlier this week I received the ELAP (Entry-Level Analysis Project) Description from ABMP. I’ve been blogging about this for several weeks, first because I was upset that it was shrouded in secrecy; then last week because I finally got word of who is serving on this work group. While that information didn’t exactly smooth...
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The Loss of A Great Educator

May 13, 2012
The Loss of A Great Educator

On May 12, 2012 at 1:56 pm, Dianne Polseno left us. We have lost a dear colleague and icon in the massage industry. I have known Dianne for more than 20 years. Our first real “encounter” was when we had to share a room in San Antonio when writing test questions for the NCBTMB....
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