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Irene Diamond is famous for helping practitioners "double and triple your Clients, your Referrals, your Income, AND your Happiness! As the founder and director of the first Wellness Center in San Francisco, Irene Diamond, RT knows what it takes to run a thriving massage business. She is a well-loved Massage Business Coach and mentor, who founded, a valuable resource for MTs and other private practice therapists. She now offers her programs and services through her blog site, . Irene is the creator of Active Myofascial Therapy - The Diamond Method which is one of the most effective hands-on and movement based rehabilitation therapies for myofascial dysfunction and pain. She also created Diamond Active Muscle Massage for therapists to apply as maintenance therapy for clients. Diamond is proud to be an inductee in the Massage World Hall of Fame. Therapists can grab a free 7-day marketing course at