Use Woman Who Is Suing To Your Advantage

You’ve probably seen the story lately, of a woman who is suing Massage Envy for a stroke:

It’s sad and serious.

BUT- I’ll take it as an opportunity to mention how you can actually benefit from this situation in your own practice. (from an advanced-level marketing standpoint.)

When you discuss these sorts of dangers with your clients, you want to highlight your level of advanced training, and your knowledge of how to effectively (yet safely) provide anterior neck work when/if it is indicated for your clients.

Highlighting your level of competency does 2 things:
#1- Sets you apart from ‘all the others’ in your area
#2- Gives your clients confidence that you know what you’re doing to keep them safe.

(and be sure you have professional liability insurance b/c people will continue to sue, whether it’s warranted or not)

–> The key is to face your client’s fears straight on.

Just because you don’t mention a danger such as stroke, doesn’t mean it is not a fear your clients might have. They may even use that fear to avoid booking an appointment with you becuase they are concerned it can happen to them too.
(which would be a bummer because then they wouldn’t get your fab massage and you wouldn’t get the appointment fee!)

To help you see how you can write something up for your own facebook page, that can be used to put your clients at ease,
follow this link to see what I posted on my Wellness Center FaceBook business page:
(use it to post on your own if you wish)

I would love to hear your comments once you’ve read the post.

Be Pro-Active, Not Re-Active for brilliant practice success!


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