Unique gifts honor your clients: 21-Day “Challenge”

Client Challenge- Unique Gift from Oxfam

Starting December 1st, My gift to you over the next 21 days, is to help you gift your clients in a unique way.

Every day for 21-days, I will post a ‘challenge’ with simple ways you can honor or pay tribute to your clients and patients through unique gifts that honor your clients.
(Please decide to take on at least one of the challenges, every day)

Your clients will appreciate you thinking of them, and they will surely like the fact that you are doing so in a unique way.

Here are the first 2 day’s challenges:

CA#1-Provide a simple thank you card with a-1



CA#2-Reverse Referral-1Do you have any other unique ideas to contribute to these? Post them below in the comments so I can use them here or next year!
To read more and see all 21 day’s Challenges, jump to my blog, by clicking here.

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