I Need a Little Help from My Friends

Actually, I am asking for help for one of MY friends. She may be one of your friends, too, either in person or you may know her from social media, or her radio show, or the book she’s recently written. Her name is Shawnda Strongfaith Kettles.

I met Shawnda several years ago, when she won a mentoring contest I was holding. I had received many entries for the contest. If memory serves, I chose the ten that spoke the loudest to me, blacked out all the identifying information, and gave them to my staff members to vote on the final selection. She won unanimously. She had been homeless for a while. She had three daughters to take care of. She had gone to massage school, became a licensed therapist, and picked herself up from a bad situation. Her positive attitude in the face of all this just struck me as amazing. Champ and I went down to GA to meet her in person. READ MORE…415918_347384488608777_1108678625_o

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