Become More Visible to Potential New Clients!

Do you want to know how to get more clients?

An easy way to get more clients, is to first, be sure potential clients know you exist.

How do you get more people to know that you’re around?
How do they learn of you and your skills?
You need to be visible!

Many of you are terrific practitioners, but are ‘hiding’ in plain view. You’re sitting around in your therapy room or clinic waiting for clients to come find you…. and you continue waiting for someone to find you…
It does happen once in a while, for sure. People might stumble upon you, but unless you have a very long time to wait (and a lot of patience), I suggest you take action now to get known in your area and become more visible.

There are a ton of ways to get yourself known more and become more visible out in your community, but I’ve been coaching practitioners long enough to know if it doesn’t feel comfortable for you it won’t happen.

To help you visualize what I’m referring to about finding a way to get more visibility, here is what happened just last week.

I was speaking with a male massage therapist who was looking to get more clients. I suggested he simply begin the process by walking around his area and introducing himself to the neighboring businesses. The look of horror that came over his face said it all! That was NOT his style.

So we did a quick speed coaching formula I created and we zeroed in on the fact that many of his dream clients are yoga practitioners. So we came up with one of his new strategies to get new clients, which was to find a yoga studio he liked and take classes. He loved the idea because of course he was going to benefit from taking classes, but regarding his business, once he got to be friendly with people, it was going to be an easy transition into speaking with the other students and instructors about what he did and his work.

The next step is to craft a really juicy offer to give the yoga peeps that will make it a ‘no brainer’ for them to want to schedule their first session with him. (Do you see how this ties in to his personality (shy) and his comfort level to approach his dream clients in a way that was congruent with his personality?)
When it comes to generating new clients, your assignment is to think about what your skills are and discover what methods of becoming visible will fit your personality.

6 Visibility-Building Methods:

  1. Write articles for local paper or publications
  2. Become a guest contributor to an industry newsletter that caters to your dream clients
  3. Teach classes (massage, stress reduction, nutrition, posture, exercise, etc) to your dream clients
  4. Join groups, attend lectures, take classes that also have your dream clients as members
  5. Film YouTube videos of mini instructions on wellness topics.
  6. Guest blog for a complimentary business who already has your dream clients.

Once you know what you enjoy doing, see how you can use your skills and interests to get your name and face out in your community more, and it will begin to help you become more ‘famous’ in your niche.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you probably know I do the same things to get clients. I do it locally for my clinical practice, and also for my wellness-business coaching.

In fact, my local “Marina Merchant Association” is looking for new board members right now, and even though I am super busy, I am seriously considering being on the board, just to have another way for my local merchants (other businesses) to know about my wellness center as a lead generator (plus it is a good way to find joint venture partners).

Remember the cliche, which, in fact is true:
“People do business with people they know, like, and trust.”

The best way for them to know you, is to see (or read or hear from you) on a regular basis.

Here is another example of me “walking’ my talk” and staying in front of my dream clients (YOU!:)

I put myself in front of you because I’ve been asked to teach a session on one of my specialties, “How To Grow Your Practice With Doctor Referrals” for an international conference.

Read more on how YOU can become More Visible…

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