2013 – The Year of Implementing Dreams

Welcome to 2013. It’s going to be an amazing year… I can feel it. Why?

Massage therapists are starting to focus more on their business. They’re asking questions, seeking out mentors, reading more articles, purchasing more materials on subjects they need help with, and are participating on forum and blog discussions. Only when massage therapists realize that what they’re currently doing could be done better, more efficiently or with less costs involved while asking for help do we really start to evolve as business owners.

It’s okay not to know everything, as no one knows it all. But that shouldn’t stop us from trying to learn and invoke change while making 2013 the year of implementing our dreams as business owners and massage therapists. 2013 stands to be a big year for everyone – there’s changes in legislation, health care coverage, approved providers, certifications, licensing, etc. All of these changes requires business owners to be on top of your game!

Start with small changes. Investing in resources that will help you grow as a business owner or transition your business is just the starting point. Implementing those small changes gets you that much closer to your dream business. Reading, asking questions and investing in marketing materials are only valuable if you choose to *implement*. So be sure to follow through with your tasks to achieve your goals!

I’m excited for all massage therapists out there. On my blog there’s a sense of wanting to “do more” and “grow” financially emerging from the readers. I’m seeing it in other forums as well. We can grow together; supporting each other along the way, and helping others as much as we are able.

Make 2013 the year of implementing the dreams you have. Go out and “DO!”

Steph Lasch is a Licensed Massage Therapist and owns multiple spa/massage locations in and around the Twin Cities in Minnesota for StoneWater Massage & Skin Care and StoneWater Institute. She blogs regularly at Thriving Massage Business (www.thrivingmassagebiz.com) and has authored several business books for massage therapists, specifically, the “My Brothers & Sisters in Arms” series and “Financial Bookkeeping & Smart Business Decisions for Massage Therapists”. Steph is still an active accountant and law school student and helps massage therapists and other spa owners with their businesses, and enjoys doing so!


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  1. April 17, 2013 at 7:43 AM

    I’m just reading this article now and with the feeling of renewal that spring brings each year this article is a great reminder of all the potential we have and to not be afraid to push ourselves to use it!

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