Get AWARE – ADHD Awareness Week

In August, I wrote a blog entry: : : Do 1 in 10 Children have ADHD?  

With this diagnosis apparently on the rise, healthcare professionals need to take an active role in bringing awareness to the diagnosis, and also the benefits of pediatric massage therapy for affected families.


This week is ADHD Awareness Week | October 16-22.  We should all consider best ways of learning more about the children we are working with, and how to share information with their families.

 CHADD, the National Resource Centero n ADHD, ADDA, the ADHD Coaching Organization, and ADDitude Magazine are the partners of the ADHD Awareness Coalition. Many other national associations and organizations are supporting partners. By visiting the ADHD Awareness Week website you will find many groups who are involved in the getting the word out, and also find ways to help educate others in your community.

This website includes useful materials such as:

 A list of 7 Facts everyone should know about ADHD that can be emailed or downloaded, printed, and posted.   

An ADHD Awareness Week poster that can be emailed or downloaded, printed, and posted. 
A “What You Can Do” activities list of activities that members of the public can engage in to help promote awareness.

 You can also learn more about pediatric massage for ADHD, ADD and Autism at the Liddle Kidz Foundation website.



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