Marketing Content: Why it Matters and How to Make it Connect to Your Customers

For the last 3 months I have been overloaded with questions about content and helping so many people with re-writes of press releases, website content, ad campaigns, flyers, letters, and other marketing items so here are some pointers to remember when you are creating your marketing content so you will connect with your ideal customers.

1. You are communicating to 1 person at a time so speak as if you are talking to 1 person only in all of your marketing. Even if the circulation of the publication is thousands… only 1 person at a time is going to view your ad, article, blog, photo, link, video, or post so make it personal, make a connection as if you were speaking 1 on 1.

2. People really have a “what’s in it for me” attitude when they are coming to your site, social media, and any other marketing. So many of the companies out there still have the “old school” method of wanting to share all the information of how wonderful their product or service is and want to spend countless paragraphs explaining how their product or services works… guess what, people really don’t care how your product or service works. What they want to know is HOW DOES YOUR Product or service work FOR ME! The best thing to do is to “get over yourself” let them know HOW you are going to help them fix a specific problem, concern or need they have.

3. Don’t be afraid to share your biggest secrets of how your product or service works to help them. So many times I hear, “I can’t tell them that then they won’t need me, or come back to me, or want to purchase my service”, oh really? In today’s informational era do you really feel like you have cornered the market on your particular product or service that NO ONE else is providing the exact same product or service? REALLY?! In today’s world where YOU can find ANYTHING on the internet, do you really think by holding back how you truly benefit your next potential client is going to help you? Guess what your competition is taking that opportunity and running with it!

4. Keep it personal, again, this is a “social” marketing era, social being the key word, social meaning personal, social meaning fun, social meaning relationship building, sharing like interests, connecting with like minded individuals, and before you start down the path of the “confidentiality clause”, I’m not saying to air you or your clients personal information on the net. There is a difference between being social in a business sense and sharing with friends about your new shoes or that you and your boyfriend just had a fight or the number of drinks you had at happy hour, believe it or not, there is such a things a TMI (Too Much Information) save that for your personal posts and keep them personal.   However, once you have found your “cause” in your life and business and shared it with people who also have that same interest then it’s important to continue “sharing” the information that is of value to you and to them so you can continue connecting and building that relationship.

News flash, you are not going to be all things to all people and we are all human so none of us is perfect, I have made these mistakes myself and continue to daily help others turn their marketing into magnets instead of repelling clients. We are all learning and I wanted to share with you ways to help your business whether you and I ever do business together or not. My cause at SRB Solutions is to help 100 massage industry professionals in the next year reach their goals or their business. So I want to see this profession continue to make strides forward, progressing, sharing and growing. Always be respectful, supportive and be ready to share how you are going to help.

All my best,
Stephanie Beck

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