Paperwork…A Must

Yesterday’s bi-monthly massage was my usual disappointment.  Every two weeks I receive a massage.  One of those sessions, in other words once a month, is with my regular therapist.  A “sure thing”, I am guaranteed quality service, professional care and a thorough massage tailored to my needs. The other monthly session is with a brand new (t0 me) establishment each time.  I find I learn a tremendous amount from going to a new place.  More often than not, I am disappointed and come away with a list of “not to do” things that I share with my students and readers.  Yesterday was one of those days.

The actual treatment was fine but that wasn’t my main issue.  As this was a small place, I didn’t expect to be greeted so sat down and waited to be called.  A nice enough therapist appeared and guided me down a hall.  She said, “Here you go” and pointed to the treatment room.  There was no intake form, no interview, no conversation, no instructions.  I disrobed, got on the table face down and waited to see what would  happen.   She came back and performed her service without asking any questions.  When the hour was up she said “All set” and left.  I paid, was not asked for feedback or to reschedule and left.

Where to begin?  The list of wrong doings would go beyond the typical length of a blog;  I could make a six page article out of it.  What I will point out is the first wrong doing… lack of paperwork.  An intake form is paramount and in some states, the law.  It is good business practice and just the right thing to do.  As I was treated in NY, this therapist and this establishment broke the law by not having an intake form.  I know it takes time, I know it means more work.  You might even consider a drag.  You certainly have the choice.  But ask yourself, what if your doctor didn’t ask you to fill out any paperwork?  How long would you remain a patient? 

Stay focused.

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  1. C. Bell
    July 21, 2011 at 3:13 PM

    I agree, what if you had passed out or had and medical emergency. That
    intake form would definitely state some of what is going on with you medically.
     Also, what if you had some
    contraindications to massage. New and old Massage Therapist needs to slow down,
    stop being lazy and follow the letter of the laws provide to keep the public
    safe. I am going to stop here, because I teach massage and this is a lack of


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