How Social Media Increases Sales: Using Blog and Article content to Market Your Products and Services

I am so honored to be asked to be a part of this dynamic group of women, thank you. After so many years of working with business owners this is such a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to sharing, connecting and interacting with everyone in this group. Many business owners whether you are a company of 1 or 101 seem to be struggling with the same type of questions when it comes to social media. Business owners ask me how to best communicate so potential customers and current customers while producing a profitable return. While other owners are reluctant to start using Social Media because they don’t have any idea what to blog or write about. So as my first blog post I would like to discuss Blogs and Articles content. Because I guarantee each of the business owners reading this blog has valuable information about their product or service to share. So you have topics to blog or write about, now let’s take a quick look at the best way to share it so you can gain more customers. Understanding how each of the different forms of social media work together to achieve the desired results should be everyone’s goal. I have several Social Media Friends that can offer lots of GREAT ideas about social media so please feel free to share.

Most people are familiar with Facebook and are comfortable interacting with people in this forum. However others do not feel comfortable with blogs and articles. I speak with business owners daily that struggle with how to best relate to users and most do not understand the value articles and blogs have in marketing their products and services. You may be in another category of people that considers “Blog” to be a nasty 4 letter word. Or if the thought of writing a blog or article makes you breakout into a cold sweat and your first thoughts are “what am I going to say?” Then this post is for you! Understanding how Blogs are different from Articles and how they relate to your customers is pretty simple.

Articles and blogs look quite similar at first glance. One main difference between articles and blogs is their size. Articles are typically 250 words minimum and some are even as much as 500 to 1000 words. Blogs will have a tendency to be much smaller and will range in size. I have seen blogs as little 1 paragraph or even a few sentences.

Most blogs tend to be more personal and usually have plenty of comments and social interaction. Because they are smaller in size this attracts more readers since they are able to skim through many blogs at one time. Articles are more in depth, speak with authority and generally have more credibility with less interaction. Therefore the article and blog content will attract a completely different set of potential customer personalities for your products and services.
Articles also get more publicity from magazines, newspapers, new letters, and trade publications and thereby attract readers from those publications. The more popular the article the more likely you are to find almost all types of social media connected to them. For instance Twitters’ producing tweets with a link to a great article they just read, Facebook user linking a copy of a blog post or a blog post commenting on the content from an article. So you can have lots of links from various social media all connected to information that is related to your business’ products and services.

One major trait both blogs and articles have in common is that they feed strictly on informative and non-selling content only. They also require interaction with followers, users and other social media to survive. There are some natural predictors that will kill the life cycle of an article or blog. Examples of these are advertisements, sales information and URL links when included in the article or blog content. Sometimes business owners will add a hidden URL link or advertisement offer within the content while feeding a blog or article when this happens it can be deadly. You run the risk of losing your readers if they feel like you are trying to “sell” them something when they are strictly looking for information.

People are more likely to visit articles and blogs that align with their interests because they are always non-selling and very safe environments which attract more potential customers and you are likely to have more sales when that occurs. We are in a fascination economy in the sense that people want to know what makes you business fascinating to them! So you need to keep your information on how you are going to benefit them or provide them with helpful hints or let them know what benefits they should be looking for when selecting products and services like yours. When you approach in a fun and fascinating with beneficial information you win them over and create more sales for your business.

Sometimes you will have a blog post that is a video. Vlogs are becoming more and more wildly attractive to potential customers, keeping it fun and fascinating because people can connect to you as a person thus producing more interest in your products and services and resulting in more sales. Most successful Vlogs I have seen are very small, just 3-5 minutes in length and divert many followers attention to other places within the Social Media Scene like mini-sites, articles, websites, facebook fan pages, etc… Videos have their own structure and guidelines to get the best results which we can cover in upcoming posts.
You have many other Social Media avenues like My Space, Google Places, Linkedin, You Tube, Profiles, Directories and hundreds of other venues. A suggestion for any business owner is to work with an expert guide. You would never want to be banned by the Google from a certain section of Social Media just because you didn’t understand the rules.

I have gone longer than my typical blog post, I hope you have found this valuable information and if you liked this blog post, please feel free to “tweet” about it and “post” some informational content on your own blog or “share” this on your Facebook page, I would love to hear your comments, questions or suggestions.

Until next time, all my best,
Stephanie Beck

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