If You are Standing Still, You are Moving Backwards.

It is so true…If your practice has stagnated and you are sitting by and wishing it would pass and things would get better, then you are standing still. The longer you stand still, the further back behind the curve you will become. Ultimately, being complacent is counterproductive, and HOPING things will soon turn will most assuredly leave you looking at your bottom line and wondering how many shades of RED your accountant actually knows.

So STOP IT already! Stop saying , “Oh the Economy is so bad, I hope the government gets it straightened out soon!” and “ Those dang Oil guys, raising the prices every other day…. How am I supposed to make a living?”, or the ever popular, “ I hope I can tough it out long enough to keep my practice, I may have to go get a “real job” in the meantime until the economy turns.” Candidly, I think that is just a whole bunch of bull. But then I am not one to go quietly into that good night either. If I do not like my circumstances, I do all in my power to change them. It could mean more of my free time is invested in making my situation better, but it is worth it to me because it is an INVESTMENT in ME. I won’t let someone tell me, “You can’t (insert project or idea here) because of blah blah blah…… “ When I hear the words “You Can’t”, my mind immediately says “Either you can get in the boat and sail with me, or you can stand on the shore and wave.!”

I really think you can make your own reality. YES things are slung at you daily that make you duck and dodge to avoid pitfalls, however this does not mean you give up trying to do more, be better, grow your own self worth or that of your practice.

If you have fewer clients, and they are not rebooking…CALL THEM! Find out why! Is it a money issue, a time issue, something you may have done, something they may have perceived incorrectly, a change in job, family issue? Whatever the cause, find out! If it is something you can change, such as your availability, your rates, or anything else in your power to change, make the change, get the client back. If you don’t, someone will.

If your business is steady, but you want to expand and grow, START! Maybe you want to add retailing to add black ink to the bottom line. If so, CALL SOMEONE FOR QUOTES AND IDEAS! Maybe you want to add another room or two, or perhaps even expand your menu offerings. START! Get online, research, look at the costs involved, make a plan and just do it. Perhaps the change you are looking to make is that of moving your business to save overhead. START! Call other places where you might like your business to be, then get rental quotes. The market is so pliable right now in terms of rent structures and other perks, the chances are you can stay where you are and have your rent reduced simply by showing the new quote to your landlord! No one wants to lose a thriving business.

If you need new clients, get out and let your community know you exist! Flyers, Business Cards, Community Events, Chamber of Commerce, Charity Events, all are great resources for getting out into the community and letting folks know who you are.
I am not trying to tell you things are not challenging. They are for EVERYONE. What I AM trying to tell you is you do not have to take it lying down. DO SOMETHING! FIND SOMETHING! MAKE CONTACTS! GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! Do something to better your circumstances. Because standing still in the middle of the highway when others are driving and improving their practice and zooming in all directions all around you is just as dangerous for your practice as it would be for you! So find some inspiration, get some marketing advice, make a plan, and BUILD your business.

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  1. June 27, 2011 at 2:02 PM

    You are soooo right on the money, and speaking of money, never make that a condition of not making it happen.  Social Media is FREE!  Step out of your comfort zone and start connecting.  700 million active user on Facebook, over 1,000 different massage groups on Facebook to network, get support and share ideas.  It doesn’t have  to take hours of your time.  Making sure you are commenting, sharing or posting, something 3 times a week minimum.  And one of the first things every business page should have a custom facebook page. Less than 26% of business have set up a way to connect with their fans, so now is the best time to step ahead of  the competition.  Three items to know before selecting a Custom Facebook Company to work with: 1.  Make sure you have a way to capture leads on your page. Name, email, phone.  2.  Please add video, people like videos, it will draw in more traffic.  I have some  helpful hints to creating a perfect video if you want to email me at sbeck@srbsolutions.net  I will be sure to share them with you.  3.  Lots of companies promote it’s easy and you can do it yourself, be aware that even the “free” pages come with hidden fees and you will still have to know some html coding to make it all work.  Okay, for a shameless plug, SRB Solutions offers affordable Facebook Pages and there aren’t any hidden fees and we do all template work for you so no html required!  =-)  check out some of our work the https://www.facebook.com/FloridaStateMassageTherapyAssociation?sk=app_190685820970571  We also include at no charge with your opt-in on the page 2 email responders and a text message for your page.  To see how it works just enter your name, email and mobile on the FSMTA link above.  We promise they won’t share your information.  Or you can visit our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/SRBSolutions?sk=app_190685820970571 and get more FREE information on how social media can work for your business. 

  2. June 19, 2011 at 6:53 PM

    Sarah Nagel “maybe you want to add retailing to add black ink to the bottom line… START!” SO HOW CAN YOU MAKE SURE YOU ARE PICKING THE RIGHT STUFF TO RETAIL? For starters, selectproducts from manufacture’s that help you educate your patients. Patient education has been a hottopic on the Facebook scene with American Massage ConferenceWorld Massage Conference and the upcomingFSMTA_Florida State Massage Therapy Association show. The more you can do to help educate your clients the more credibility you earn as a therapist.Core Products International, Inc. offers educational posters and brochures for several of their products including “whento use heat or cold?” and “Are you sleeping on the right pillow?” With educational materials that are geared to your clients, it makes it easy for you to recommend products to your clients.

  3. June 17, 2011 at 9:45 PM

    Can I just say, Amen?! One of my regular mantras is “Take Action.” It is so easy to come up with a hundred reasons not to do something and then complain about  the lack of results. Do something today and every day to move toward where you want to be and amazing things will happen!

  4. June 17, 2011 at 5:42 PM

    I agree Angie – STOP complaining. I have heard so many blame it on the economy. Yet I know some LMT’s not only thriving, but expanding and wish they could find “RELIABLE” help.I am teaching a class in Raleigh, NC in July and have told people attending bring your challenges – let’s figure it out together!It helps to share when things aren’t going well , but it hurts more when you don’t open to advice from others.I love to brainstorm with my colleagues – especially the successful ones. Often we are a good support system for each other, if nothing else. Sometimes, the simplest thing we overlooked gets mentioned and the light bulb goes on.I have started over so many times during my 25 years in this profession. Of course it takes work! I’m not afraid of work because I LOVE what I do.  If you don’t love it, then find something that you do love.All too often you might give up too quickly! Don’t GIVE UP 5 MINUTES BEFORE THE MIRACLE HAPPENS.

  5. June 17, 2011 at 7:44 AM

    Amen to that! Well put Angie. If you want to move forward you have to take action. 

  6. Kathleen Viola
    June 17, 2011 at 5:46 AM

    Wonderful article, very inspiring and the truth.. You and only you are in charge of your practice and where you take it, thank you so much for writing the article,  Forward Motion Always.Kathleen Viola CEO/ PresidentIntegrative Reflexology Association of America  (IRAA)

  7. June 16, 2011 at 8:54 PM

    My favorite business building resource = http://www.massagetherapyworld.com !

  8. June 16, 2011 at 5:01 PM

    Angie you are right, therapists need to be pro-active and take action.>>BUT<<  sometimes they have tried and failed and get discouraged, or they just don’t know where to start because it’s all too overwhelming, or even worse- they’re told mis-guided strategies to grow their practice and waste a ton of time and money spinning their wheels and don’t accomplish anything. That’s where I come in! Thanks for inviting me to share (ME) as a Biz-building resource! Perfect timing too as my next “Fresh Start Group Coaching” program starts June 23 and registration closes soon. Spaces are still available and therapists should hurry over to see what they will learn, and can read how I helped other therapists grow their practices in just the last 6 short months, without spending a lot of money! The link to the Fresh Start info page is here. http://www.successfulmassagetherapist.org/public/FreshStart.cfmI would be happy to hold anyone’s hand and help them as best I can to TAKE ACTION & BE SUCCESSFUL!

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